• March 2nd- 1:10 early out (end of trimester) March 6th- Spring Pictures (rescheduled. Only for students who turn in picture order forms) March 29-April 2- Spring Break (No School)

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Parking Lot

  1. Watch for pedestrian traffic at all times
  2. If you are dropping off or picking up children, please use the "pickup/drop off lane" next to the sidewalk. Please do not leave your car unattended in the pickup lane and move forward as room allows. If you need to come into the building, use the "visitor parking," not the gym lot or the south end parking lot.
  3. Children need to be dropped off at the north end of the front sidewalk in the morning. Please do not drive into the "gym parking lot." Students will walk around the gym to the playground. (if you arrive after 8:10 am, children may be dropped off at the office doors.)
  4. The bus loop is not available for parent pick up or drop off. 

A March Message From Mr. Lipp....

Dear Canyon Creek Families,

Many of the activities that take place at Canyon Creek School would not happen without the genuine help of our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). This group plans out each year's events, organizes them, and carries them out efficiently. Canyon Creek School benefits greatly from the PTO and because of this group we are truly a better place. I personally am very grateful of the emphasis that our PTO gives to kids. They raise donations and spend the funds raised directly on our student body and make such a difference in our students. Recently, they sponsored Missoula Children's Theatre. They also organize the Book Fair and turn the proceeds back to the library to put more books on the shelves. I can't say enough about how much our school appreciates this organization and everything they do for us. Most importantly, the PTO has fun getting involved in our school. I would encourage any parent or community member to join this group and have some fun while doing it. Thanks PTO!


Safety At School

Over the past years, schools have been under attack with violent crimes and horrible acts of violence. This is a serious problem in the United States and no school is immune to the possibilities of something like this happening. I would like to emphasize to all parents and community members that we are always looking for better ways to secure our building and to keep our students safe. 

Canyon Creek has been allowed by the Montana Legislature to set some funds aside specifically to be used to increase the safety of our schools. These funds are not significant amounts of money but really have helped Canyon Creek make improvements in the school. I am pleased to let you know that at Canyon Creek School we have used these funds to update our entry systems by adding a buzz-only entry, new doors in the front entrance, security cameras, updates to our communication system, and installed door stoppers that allow for teachers to quickly shut classroom doors and lock up the school efficiently.

In the future we will continue to refine, practice, and emphasize the safety of our school. We cannot predict what or when something tragic could occur at Canyon Creek, but we will prepare the best we can with the attitude that we will be ready if it happens. Keep in mind that you can help us with the safety of our students by letting us know if you see something strange around the community or school. Informing the school is the first step of prevention and we appreciate your eyes and ears in helping us be aware of potential risks. 


Brent Lipp


Review of Absence Reasons

Dear Canyon Creek Families,

There has seemed to be some confusion about absences and what is considered an excused absence and what is not. Below are some of the rules we have listed in the handbook regarding absences. Thank you for taking the time to review these.

Reporting Absences:

1. parents are asked to call our attendance hotline prior to 9:00 a.m. or send a note to excuse student absences

2. Absences will not be excused unless the school receives a phone call or note, signed and dated by the parent, stating the reason for the student's absence

Excused Absences:

1. Personal illness

2. Appointments with health professionals

3. Legal appointments

4. Emergency family situations

Calling in a student will either mark it as an excused absence or unexcused absence, based on the reason. Not calling in a student at all will mark the student as truant and will result in you being notified by our automated system.

Hopefully, after reviewing these rules we have cleared up any confusion.


Canyon Creek Office Staff

Please Take Note....

To avoid confusion at the end of the day regarding how your child will get home, please make sure to follow these helpful tips:

1. if you are unsure whether your child will remember to go to the car line or to the bus, please either send a note with them or call the office by 2:45 pm so we can give them a reminder slip at the end of the day (656-4471)

2. If you have a change in plans and your child needs to do something different than what they were told in the morning, please call the office and we will give them a reminder slip at the end of the day with the new plan

3. If your child is going in the car line with another child, please make sure to let their teacher know in advance with either a note or an email

4. If your child is going on the bus with another child (either a different bus or a different stop to get off on)- each of the involved children's parents will need to send a note with their child detailing what the plan is. The notes will then need to be brought to the office by the children and signed by an office staff member.

If you have any questions regarding any of these tips, please contact Ms. Egan at 406-656-4471. Thank you!


Just a reminder that Canyon Creek is a Healthy Choice School. Please help us promote healthy choices for our student's lunches, snacks, and birthday treats! That also means that we do discourage bringing candy to school. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.